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The company GRIGORIOS TIMOSIDIS & CO LTD, with the distinctive title “AGRICULTURAL CENTER”, VAT: 800116190, D.O.Y. of Drama, was founded in 2003 by the Agronomists Gregory Timosidis and Dimitris Tachtatzidis.
The purpose of its establishment was and is both the uninterrupted supply of agricultural inputs to its producer customers and the specialized provision of knowledge and advice to them.
The original headquarters of the company was located at 1 Dramas Street in Eleftheroupolis, Kavala. Since 2017, however, the new headquarters of the company is located at 2 Frixos Papachristidis Street at the exit of Eleftheroupolis to Kavala in a leased space of 120 sq.m. which is divided into office space, showroom and warehouse and another 120 sq.m. basement.
The main activities of the company are the marketing of Agricultural Supplies i.e. Fertilizers, Seeds, Plant Protection Products, Agricultural Tools and Machinery to both farmers and related businesses. The company also sells items related to the Urban Green. The company has all the necessary marketing licenses required by the applicable legislation for the exercise of the above activities.
Since 2015 the company has been active in the brokerage of Energy Crops (Sunflower, Oilseed Rape, Soybean), cooperating mainly with the company PAYLOS N. PETAS SA, but also with other companies in the field. For the needs of the above activity, the company leases a warehouse of approximately 2,000 m² for a specific period of time during the harvest of the above-mentioned products.
Since 2020 the company has established a Quality Management System which is in compliance with the requirements of the International Standard ELOT EN ISO 9001-2015 with scope: Trading of Agricultural Supplies (Fertilizers – Seeds – Plant Protection Products), Tools and Machinery.

Organization chart of the company

Based on the company’s articles of association, the company’s managers are Gregory Timosidis and Dimitris Tachtatzidis, both of whom are agronomists.

The company also has the following personnel:

Responsible Agronomist regarding the marketing licenses for Pesticides, Fertilizers, Seeds is Tachtatzidis Dimitrios.

The company has its own fleet of vehicles for the service of its customers, namely: 2 medium size trucks, 1 Truck with crane, forklift etc.

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